Education & Training
Part of our commitment at New Horizons is to educate doctors and the public about women’s cancers. We have been asked by churches, women’s groups, corporate organizations and the American Cancer Society to speak at numerous gatherings on the topics of breast and gynecologic cancers. Time permitting, we enjoy taking these opportunities to share what we have learned through experience. Taking an active role in promoting good health begins with education, and we believe that it is important for everyone to know about prevention, screening programs, and cancer in general.

If you are interested in scheduling a cancer education event, please call us at New Horizons,
(828) 274-7502.

Affiliated Charities
The Hope Chest for Women - The Hope Chest for Women commits to providing limited financial assistance for Western North Carolina women diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer and who are experiencing economic difficulties due to treatment cost.

21st Century C.A.R.E. - 21st Century C.A.R.E. is a not-for-profit charitable foundation dedicated to cancer patients. The foundation was originally established in 1996 by Dr. Charles Thomas in Asheville, NC when a grateful patient bequeathed a generous sum for the purpose of providing cancer education in the community. In January 2007, a new Board of Directors was elected and the headquarters was moved to Fort Myers, Florida. The new Board has ambitious plans to further the 21st Century C.A.R.E. mission of providing cancer patient assistance, education programs including cancer screening, support groups, and contributing to vital cancer research.

Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise
Exercise and nutrition are vital components to health and longevity. Setting a goal to achieve a healthier lifestyle can be especially beneficial when treating cancer. Studies show that diet and exercise can reduce cancer risks while also strengthening mental health and happiness.

American Cancer Society - The American Cancer Society offers more information on the correlation between cancer and diet/exercise. This site also includes tips for staying healthy, recipes, and a podcast series on choices that reduce cancer risks.

Guidelines on Nutritional and Physical Activity for Preventing Cancer - Have you ever wondered what the latest research recommends for fighting and preventing cancer? The American Cancer Society gives guidelines on the latest cancer research and correlations with different foods, behaviors, and lifestyles.

Diet and Activity that Affect Risks for Certain Cancers - The American Cancer Society’s list of specific cancers and the risk factors associated with each one. The latest research is presented, and recommendations are given.

Diet and Cancer - Many cancers are caused by environmental factors and are directly linked to diet. This is a general overview of the risks for cancer and different research findings. The references section includes a list of the studies cited and the links to those studies.

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